Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baseball 2013

After last baseball season Cayden was sure he wouldn't play again (silent cheer). But, this year, when it came down to it he opted for "one more year".  I reluctantly packed the trailblazer with chairs, blankets, coats, blankets, snacks, and blankets.  For those of you who don't know Spring in Central Oregon has a reputation for being a little, well, not like Spring at all.  I really try to be supportive of all of Cayden's activities and I like to think that even though I do not like baseball (especially in freezing temperatures) that Cayden knows he is supported.  Jeff is out on the field coaching and I am behind the fence cheering him on.  He had a really good season and has been told he has some ability when it comes to baseball.  At the end of the season he said, "this will be my last".  We will see...

(Small disclaimer - I did not take any of these pictures.  Thank goodness for other moms and stealing from Facebook)

 The coaches (discussing something very important)
 Notice the blankets and winter coats
 Great weather but we are still smiling

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break

This year we were lucky enough to spend Spring Break in Phoenix, Arizona with our dear friends the Crofchecks and the Smiths.  We looked forward to warm temperatures and relaxation for months. Finally, we made it there and settled in quickly.  We went to baseball games, swam at the pool, visited with my sister and girls, saw my Aunt and cousin, and played a ton of Chickenfoot Dominoes. Here are some pictures of our adventures.
 Behind the resort was South Mountain Preserve with a ton of trails for hiking. This is the view from the top of the "mountain".
 The four boys on their hike.
 Baseball game number One.  Swing Hogan!
 Swing and a miss!
 Swing and another miss!
 This one actually went backwards.
 Best buddies

 Brothers.  Oh brother Bryce!
 The girls (and Dan).
 The boys.  Is anyone looking at the camera?

The girls (no Dan).

 At Rustler's Roost Restaurant
 Balloon hat -awesome
 Huge mountain of cotton candy
 My three guys
 Go Rockies!
 Erin and Katie
 Kim and Dan

 Hanging with Dinger






Monday, March 11, 2013

Cayden's 10th

Cayden turned 10 this year.  THAT.IS.CRAZY.  10 years ago Cayden came into this world 5 days before his due date and after 8 weeks of bed rest.  He weighed 9lbs and 4 oz.  The doctors assured me he would be an "average size baby".  Ha. Lately, he has been giving his brother a hard time for being "solid" and so I decided to show Cayden some of his own baby pictures.  He said, "I was chunky" and he was :)  Lots of chins and lots of rolls.  He was an easy baby (except for the 6 weeks of colic) and has turned into an easy child.  He likes to please, he loves school, he is always ready to try something new.  And, as 10 years old will do, he has become an expert at eye rolling and sighing.  I can't believe how much I love him.
This is the third year that Cayden has chosen to go snowboarding with some friends instead of having a big birthday shindig.  I went up this year because Bryce had also taken a lesson but wasn't going to stay for the afternoon.  I took a few pictures and then Jeff took some on the mountain.

 Cayden's birthday cake.  Lemon meringue cake.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

 The Half Marathon!  I completely blame my friend Brenna for making me do this crazy thing.  She will not take the credit or blame for it however.  She signed up to run a half marathon in Las Vegas in December (it would be her third).  She invited me to come and spend the weekend with her (she did not invite me to run - I think she knew my stance on running).  I considered how great a weekend in Vegas in December would be and every time I thought about it I also thought about what I would be doing while she was running13.1 miles.  I began to think that I would feel guilty just cheering her from the sidelines.  That is when the crazy thoughts started to run through my head.  I should do it, I should run.  I knew it was all over when I started researching training plans and shoes.  It was really all over when I bought a copy of "Runners World" magazine.  I signed up, paid my money, and sent Brenna a text.  I'm still not sure of her initial feelings about it.  They were probably something like "Oh great, now I'm going to have to babysit a non-runner for 13.1 miles".  I printed out my plan and started running.  It scared me to death to look ahead and see that eventually my "short" runs would be 5 and 6 miles long.  But, the long story made short is that I did it. We did it.  We ran the whole way (except when we were eating energy gels) and finished in about 2 1/2 hours.  Way to go us.  Since December 2nd, I have run a total of 2 miles.  I didn't find the love of running that many people said I would.  Who knows?  Maybe someday I will do it again but not for now.
 At the finish




These are my roots.  These are my branches.
As most of you know growing up I spent the majority of my time with my mom and sister.  They co-raised me through the whiny stage, through orthodontist appts, through homework battles and parent teacher conferences, through first loves and first heartaches.  Thinking about it more my whiny "sate" may have lasted many, many, many years.  My sister and I are six years apart and when we were younger that didn't always lead to cooperation and enjoyment of the same types of activities.  However, she has always been someone that I have looked up to and someone that I have admired.  She has a heart of gold and patience that just won't quit.  She has three beautiful daughters who are well on the way to making this world a better place thanks to her.  After Christmas the boys and I spent a week in Colorado and were lucky to spend some time with my mom, sister and her girls.  I feel most "at home" in Colorado when I am surrounded by these women.  When I found out (both times) that I was having boys part of me was a little panicked.  I knew girls.  I spent my childhood in a house filled with women. My sister had three girls.  I often figured my fate would be to have girls.  Now that I have boys I know they were my destiny but I couldn't help but wonder if my boys would have the same bond my sister and I do and that I see in her three girls.  Would my boys connect with me in the same way we were connected to my mom?  As it turns out it is different but still amazing to be surrounded by boys :)  I do love it when I'm in Colorado and find the girls outnumbering the boys.  I'm extremely happy to have boys (and not just because of the lack of a toilet paper budget or hair products at my house) but I'm also happy to have these ladies in my life.

Go Nuggets!
As mentioned in a previous post Jeff and I gave Cayden and Bryce tickets to a Denver Nuggets game (since the kids and I were going to Colorado).  We went on January 1st and combined it with an overnight in Denver with my mom, sister, and neices.  We rode in a taxi about six blocks to get to the arena.  It was the boys' first time in a taxi and they were mesmerized.  I think Bryce spent most of the time trying to figure out his seat belt :) When we arrived there were a ton of people and Bryce was most excited about the escalator.  I am truly raising small town boys. We met my friend Marisa and her two kids at the game and had an amazing time watching basketball, catching up, and laughing at our kids dancing to the music.  Marisa gave us a ride back to our hotel.  We had a great time and I recommend giving experiences like this as gifts. 
 Bryce obviously distracted.

Great times.  Great memories.


Christmas at home.  After our Christmas Eve festivities with our friends we come home, put the kids to bed, and wait for Santa to arrive.  Sometimes this waiting is a bit busier than ever but eventually we turn out the lights except for the tree and head to bed wondering if this will be the Christmas that the boys wake up before 9.  They do like to sleep in!  If I remember correctly Jeff and I were up before 8 and watched tv and patiently waited until 8:30 at which time we started coughing (loudly) and stomping around the room.  They finally were up and we could go open presents (and eat - I was starving).
 Bryce's tricylcle and pogo stick. 
 Christmas morning pictures are the most difficult.  Um, guys, hey could you stop shredding through your presents and hold still so I can get a picture to preserve this moment forever?
 Skin and bones amid the wrapping paper and presents.  Keep in mind that this was to be a "minimalist" Christmas. Yeah right.
 Bryce and his Denver Nuggets tee shirt.  Cayden received one too and they came with tickets to a game.  Wahoo.


 Anything else in there?
Cayden's Santa gift was this gigantic bean bag (called a LoveSac).  Here is Bryce enjoying it with his Santa gift -a Kindle Fire.